Tasmania & NZ pictures...


Around Tasmania in 28 photos. End of January 2009

A view on the huge and windy Bay of Hobart


A street in Hobart



The Harbour


TASMAN BAY, South Est of Tasmania - Vineyards & Orchards


The Tasman peninsula....Along the Coast

FREYCINET NATIONAL PARK - Sleepy Bay where 3 boats are anchored, by such a sunny day.

East Coast of Tasmania, the shore in the Freycinet National Park


2 wallabies were waiting us behin the car!                                            Wonderful beaches on the East Coast


600 steps and a 2 hours walk for an amazing view on Wineglass Bay


Little harbour at Bicheno.... It's here that we caught sight of our first penguins... with binoculars of course!


The devil of Tasmania


LAUNCESTON Gorges, North of Tasmania

                                                         A street in Launceston


DOVE LAKE at CRADLE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK. A very pleasant 2 hours walk around the lake.




Walking in the bush, along the rivers,  allow us to do nice meetings with local animal life.




  Again a local encounter..... It was crossing the road without even looking! and we escort it until the pavement it is  getting over to avoid the worst!


Roads in Tasmania are nice.  Just sometimes we need a little patience as we have to share the roads with cattle crossing. On the way back to Hobart, we find again the wide areas favorable to stock breeding. And to finish, a last picture of a street in Hobart.


We now fly to Melbourne, south - south East of Australia.


MELBOURNE, 36 hours for a first approach of a nice and big Australian City.

The city center of Melbourne, built on the Bank of Yarra River is a mix of Victorians buildings with some glass towers in the background.


Flinder Street Station,  The old Station in the city is a huge building under bronze domes.  Tramways, bus, taxi, bicycles and pedestrians.... a very busy town!

In the city center... a really small street where shops are only a few square feet,  contrast with the wide avenues of Melbourne.  It is also the only street with graffitis!



Market in  MELBOURNE


Almost night, we're having a walk on the banks.



SunSet on the city.                                                                    It's late now and still many people in the streets.














New Zealand in 6000 kms - February 2009


A hike in the Volcanic valley in the North Island. 


 Huka Falls, North Island just before the town of Taupo. 25000 liters per second... 


Our first snow in the North Island


We cross the Cook Strait  and are now in the South Island. Here, the sounds around Picton.



Many gorges on the way.



CAPE  FOULWIND, half way on the West Coast of the South Island. Rather ragged shore.


Strange formations named  "PanCakes". Impressive seas at hide tide!




FOX GLACIER... Altitude 300m from the sea and only at a few miles from the shore.


Rain forest.


On the way to one of the "must" of New Zealand. The road that leads to the MILFORD SOUNDS


With a first stop at the Mirror Lakes .



2 hours cruise in the Fiords.... not to be missed!



South of the Island. Latitude 46 south. A sea lion basks in the sun.... Sun that even in summer don't heat much!


The black points ? These are thousands of birds.                    

    Again the South Coast of NZ




The amazing Otago Peninsula... dunes, sheeps and penguins.


This evening we were very lucky. Just on time when  penguins return to the beach after a day fishing.


Boat shelter  along Otago Peninsula near DUNEDIN.


MOREAKI BOULDERS, Round stones made of limestone, silica, aluminium and iron peroxide, with in their center a crystalline mass that would attract the ground elements to form them. So those shapes are not an effect of the sea. 





AKAROA, charming little village where float French flags "en souvenir" of the first French people arrived here in 1940


View on the Mount COOK and its snowy peak from the side of Lake PUKAKI. 



One more Lake... Lake TEKAPO,  but all nicer one than the others!





KAIKOURA, On the East Coast of the South Island 




Back on the North Island in NAPIER, which has been destroyed by a earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt in a Art Deco style Right : Little harbour North of Auckland.



We 'll finish with a panoramic view taken from Lady Anne moored in BUNDABERG, to give you an idea of our environment since already a few months. On starboard the fishing boats that brought back scallops & shrimps in huge quantity, on portside the mangrove with its numerous sort of birds and only a 100 yards from Lady Anne, the city of Bundaberg with all facilities of a more than 50000 inhabitants town.  A fine weather, warm and windy during the day, cooler in the evening and Australians always ready to help us and discuss .... of the French Cuisine that they seem to enjoy! We are very happy to have chosen  Bundaberg to spend the hurricane season, a very attractive city in the country. Bundaberg that we are going to leave in April to continue our voyage to the Great Barrier.